Kumar Scientific Company

Heavy Duty Rotary Flask Shaker

Putting forward another quality product in the deluxe model of Heavy Duty Rotary Flask Shaker, we feel immense pride. It has a continuous variable speed of 40 – 180 RPM. Fitted with S.S. platform & Lotus type clamp to hold flasks & Mechanical Timer 0-60 Minutes, stepless electronic speed controller controls it. In a horizontal plane, its closed body has a shaking amplitude of 25mm dia (1”).


Details : Closed body having Shaking amplitude 25mm dia (1”) in a horizontal plane. Having continuous variable speed of 40 – 180 RPM & is controlled by stepless electronic speed controller fitted with S.S. platform & Lotus type clamp to hold flasks & Mechanical Timer 0-60 Minutes.



  • For Dry Sterilization.
  • Digital display of temperature and timer.
  • Inner chamber,outerwall,boiler & steam jacket are mode of S.S.304 grade.
  • Middle chamber - Stainless Steel 304
  • Lid - Stainless steel 304
  • Radial Locking system - Mode of steel bars


Accessories included

  • Automatic pressure control switch (APC)
  • Autamatic Law water cut off arrangement (ALW)
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Water level indicator
  • Safety Valve
  • Steam Release Valve
  • Paddle lifting Device
  • S.S. Basket

Special Features

  • Single panel feather touch LED microprocessor controller
  • Simultaneous display of temperature & time.
  • Timer starts automatically as soon as the set temperature is attained & stops the cycle automatically as soon the time is over.
  • The steam is to be released manually.


S. No. Cat No. Plat form Size No. of Flask
(a) RS - 65250D 65cm x 65cm 36 Flasks of 250ml
(b) RS – 651000D 65cm x 65cm 49 Flask of 100ml
(c) RS – 90100D 90cm x 90cm 81 Flask of 100ml
(d) RS – 90250D 90cm x 90cm 64 Flask of  250ml
(e) RS – 90500D 90cm x 90cm 49 Flask of  500ml
(f) RS - 901000D 90cm x 90cm 36 flask of 1000 ml
(g) RS - 105250D 105cm x 105cm 81 flasks of 250ml
(h) RS - 105500D 105cm x 105cm 64 flasks of 500ml
(i) RS – 1201000D 120cm x 120cm 49 flasks of 1000ml
(j) RS - 120500D 120cm x 120cm 100 flasks of 500ml
(k) RS - 120100D 120cm x 120cm 144 flasks of 100ml


(a) Digital RPM Counter fitted in above (Pls. Suffix RMP for cat no.)
(b) Digital Timer 0-99 minutes in lieu of mechanical timer
(c) Digitally controlled fully Automatic with two LED Windows